Your Ultimate Guide to Evening Routines for Better Sleep and Improved Mental Health

Transform Your Nights for a Happier, Healthier You

Ever try to make it through a day after a night of restless sleep? It's rough, am I right? I find myself in this foggy mental state, annoyed at every little thing and ready to snap at anyone who so much as looks at me sideways. Ya girl needs her sleep, ya'll.

So whether or not you are a "4 hours and I'm good" kinda gal or require a full 8 hours of peaceful uninterrupted sleep to function, research has shown us that sleep plays a huge role in our mental health. It's not surprising though that so many humans struggle with mental health given the sheer amount of exposure to medication, screens, and general sensory overload.

Which is exactly why I wanted to do a deep dive on this topic and how a simple yet powerful evening routine can work wonders for your sleep quality and overall well-being.

So, grab your favorite cozy blanket and get ready to learn how to create an evening routine that will leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated, and ready to step into your ✨ main character energy. ✨


If you live in a city, look around as you walk about at night. Look at the shadows cast by street lamps, headlights and every other light that shines out in the darkness.

"Put simply: sleep - a consistent 7-9 hour opportunity each night - is the single most effective thing we can do to reset our brain and body health each day."

Matthew Walker

Understanding the Importance of Evening Routines

Ever heard of "sleep hygiene"? It's basically just a fancy way of explaining the stuff you do before bed to get a good night's sleep. And guess what? Your evening routine is a huge part of that! When you wind down properly before hitting the hay, you're telling your body and mind it's time to chill out and catch some Z's. Bonus? A solid evening routine can totally help kick stress and anxiety to the curb, leaving you feeling way more zen overall.

And listen, before you read on - know that your evening routine has to work for you. So take all of this into consideration as you are thinking about what your evening routine will look like. Don't be afraid to make it work for you.

Setting the Stage with Consistency

Now that you know a solid evening routine can greatly impact your overall well-being, let's chat about how to make yours actually stick. Consistency is the name of the game, babe. Remember that repetition is the key to developing any new habit, so be compassionate with yourself as you begin. Aim to hit the hay and rise at the same time every darn day, even when Saturday rolls around (yes, I know - we all love the chance to sleep in on Saturday). But here's the thing - this routine practice helps your body find its groove, making bedtime a breeze and mornings way less groggy. Trust me, your body will be singing your praises!

evening routines for mental health
evening routine for better nights sleep
evening routines for improved mental health

Unplugging for Peaceful Slumber

Ah, technology – our beloved double-edged sword. While it's great for staying connected, those glowing screens can wreak havoc on your sleep quality. That's why it's crucial to unplug at least an hour before bed. Say goodnight to your phone, tablet, and TV, and opt for more soothing activities instead. If you've been used to alllll the screens, then I would suggest changing one habit at a time. Be mindful of what your mind/body needs in the evening and give it that - you won't be sorry. Whether it's reading a book, listening to calming music, or practicing some gentle yoga, find what helps you unwind and stick with it.

Creating a Cozy Bedtime Ritual

What makes you light up when you think about your evening ritual? What kinds of things would feel good and fulfilling to do before you lay your head down on the pillow? I recommend making a list of all the things that feel comforting, serene, and snug. This list will be a good place to start when you create your evening routine.

Think about everything that would help to create a tranquil aesthetic.

As a mom and life coach who loves her sleep here are a few of my suggestions:

⭐ Dim the lights. I personally turn off all overhead lights in the evening and only use lamps. It helps calm everyones energy and is a good signal to our bodies that it's time to wind down.

⭐ Slip into your favorite pajamas. If you don't have a favorite p.j. set, then I recommend buying a few new pajama sets that will boost your comfort level

⭐ Wash your face. Create and stay consistent with a skin care routine that works for you (cleansing and moisturizing at minimum)

⭐ Rub on some lavender body lotion or use a lavender essential oil on your pillows/sheets

⭐ Speaking of sheets - if your bedding doesn't feel instantly comfy when you crawl into bed each night, buying a new set of sheets and changing them regularly could do just the trick!

⭐ Replace that glass of wine with a cup of herbal tea (there are lots of sleepy tea options!)

⭐ Spend a few minutes journaling about what you are grateful for from that day. Even just having a notebook to unload from your day can be a good way to clear your mind.

Whatever it is, make it a ritual that brings you joy and relaxation.

Nurturing Your Mind and Body

Your evening routine isn't just about prepping your body for sleep – it's also about nurturing your mental health. Take some time to check in with yourself and see how you're feeling. Maybe it's practicing mindfulness or meditation, doing some light stretching to release tension, or simply taking a few deep breaths to clear your mind. Remember, taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health.

Reflecting and Adjusting Your Routine

Last but not least, don't be afraid to tweak your evening routine as needed. It's all about finding what works best for you. Pay attention to how different activities affect your sleep quality and mental well-being, and be open to making changes accordingly. And don't forget to celebrate the small wins along the way. If one thing worked really well, take time to bring your awareness to it and express gratitude. Whether it's adding in a new relaxation technique, adjusting your bedtime, or incorporating more self-care practices, listen to your body and do what feels right for you.

And there you have it – your guide to crafting the perfect evening routine for better sleep and improved mental health. Remember, it's not about perfection – it's about progress. So, take it one night at a time, and don't forget to give yourself some grace along the way. Here's to peaceful nights, brighter mornings, and a happier, healthier you!

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