Therapy & Counseling at Simple Empathy KC is a little different and exactly what you’re looking for. We offer a relaxed and human centered approach to our treatment of clients. It is our hope that the therapy you receive here will help you gain insight and skills that will last a lifetime.

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Depression | Anxiety | Trauma | Relationship Struggles

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Anxiety & Depression

Firstly, I need you to know that you don’t have to always live the way you have been living. You don’t have to spend nights laying awake in panic, or never find the motivation to get out of bed. At Simple Empathy, we offer traditional psychotherapy techniques along with other therapeutic modalities to get to the root of your anxiety & depression. We don’t want to just reduce your symptoms, we want to make sure they don’t come back.

Post Traumatic Stress

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is one of the most effective treatment modalities for dealing with post traumatic stress. Whether you suffer from flashbacks, nightmares or panic attacks. We can utilize bilateral stimulation to help all of your brain communicate and process out the trauma that is haunting you. Allowing you to find some space to breathe and start to live again.

Depression Therapy Kansas City
Post Traumatic Stress Therapy

Couples Therapy

There is no perfect relationship. We know that better than most people. Hell, we’ve been right where you are. The beauty of the situation is that there is most likely hope for you and your significant other(s). If you are needing a little help with intimacy, finding common ground – or maybe you just need a tune up – you’ve come to the right place.

Life Transitions

Sometimes you don’t have a diagnosis and sometimes there isn’t really anything “wrong” but something just feels “off.”

This is usually where you are experiencing a transition in life. Whether you’ve moved, gotten a new job, broke up, hooked up, popped out a baby or just experienced the death of a loved one (pets included); all of these experience can leave you feeling a little off balance. That is where we can help.

Depression Therapy Kansas City


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