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Where Mental Health is about the Whole You

We are a group of practitioners that work together to treat the whole human. From the inside out with mental health therapy & coaching, aesthetic services, massage, chiropractic care & more we have every single part of your health covered.


How long has it been since you cared for your whole self?

Therapy & Coaching

We work with you where you are to help you find safety and comfort again in your mind & spirit.


Taking care of your skin is not a luxury! It is astounding how many people have never had a facial - it will change your life and make you glow.

Chiropractic Care

Being in alignment with ones self starts with the spine - let's get you centered again.

Nervous System regulation

It's hard to heal and grow when your nervous system is dysregulated - we have many therapy approaches to find one that works for you.

You may be wondering

Why is Simple Empathy Where I Should Go?

External Care

We take care of you externally through facials, skincare, chiropractic care in order to make sure that your external world matches and meets your internal existence.

Internal Care

Then we provide therapy, life coaching, spiritual coaching, inner child work, Apothekary products, and nutritional guidance to care for your internal environment.


Services Tailored to Your Needs

Glo2 Facial Treatments

Paraben & Dye Free Ingredients

Chiropractic Care in House

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy

Lymphatic Massage

Life Coaching


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Glo2 Facial Treatment at Simple Empathy in Kansas City oxygen facial anti-aging natural facial holistic facial

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