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At Simple Empathy you get the opportunity to receive mental health treatment from two of Kansas City's best mental health providers, Kieri Olmstead & Maddie Paradise!

2022 The Pitch's Best Couples Therapist

Finalists in 2023 KC Magazine in 4 Mental Health Categories

Kieri's Approach

When you decide to do therapy with Kieri you are choosing to get therapy done differently. Kieri's approach to mental health treatment is raw, real and effective. She meets each client where they are at in their journey with a personable approach that lets you know that she's human too. She expects you to show up to do the hard work. Neither therapist or client is there for the fun of it. Kieri understands that it is important to get to the heart of what is causing the ongoing issues and really heal from within. With that being said, she is also funny, heartwarming and very approachable - you won't feel uncomfortable telling her everything that's bothering you.

Narrative Therapy & Internal Family Systems

LGBTQIA+ & Kink Friendly Therapist with Trauma-Informed Approach

Maddie's Approach

You are getting so much more than your average life coach with Maddie Paradise! Kieri has known Maddie since 2016 and has watched as she tackled her own mental health struggles with anxiety with bravery, compassion and empathy. Maddie is now a mama to two sweet boys and is ready to share her knowledge and compassion with the world through life coaching.

The difference between therapy and life coaching is not much but boils down to this: Maddie can tell you "don't do that" or "honestly, you should probably do this." Kieri can only ask you questions that lead you to those answers yourself. So, if you are looking for that direct and hands-on approach, Maddie is your gal!

Hands-on direct approach

More cost-effective than therapy


no matter who you choose - you are right where you need to be

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