How to Reclaim Your Power: a guide for women

Ladies, let's be honest, you're a fucking goddess and deep down you know it. We are living in a world that consistently is telling us women that we need to be less, do less, want for less and I don't know about you but I am sick and tired of it all. I spend most of my days in sessions with women reminding them that they are fabulous creatures that deserve to be worshipped for the goddesses that they are and to have our society consistently saying the opposite is infuriating.

So - it is time to be honest: if you are reading this and you are a female - you have settled. Somewhere, with someone, with something - you have decided that what your heart desired was just “too much” for little ole you. Frankly ladies, it’s bullshit. Do you know how many women I have on my couch questioning why their husbands or their partners are not stepping up to the plate the way that they’ve asked? It’s too many to count. All of my life I’ve been told that “girls mature faster than boys, so be patient with them.” Why are we telling this to women only? Why is there not another version being peddled to men that say they should look to us for leadership, intelligence and grace?

I know that there are those men out there who deeply believe these things. They believe in women, they believe in our power and our grace, however, they are far too little of them for my comfort. So, we women, settle for men that treat us slightly better than we treat themselves and think that is what we deserve. Or women settle for workplaces that “give them a chance” instead of fighting for the place that is grateful to have them.

Status quo and bare minimum has got to go, ladies.

We have spent far too long in the shadows. We have settled for less than what our power deserves for much longer than should have ever been allowed. So how do we rise? I’ve got some suggestions:

  1. Sit with yourself. I mean like really sit in it. Lock yourself in the closet of your house if you have to; in order to just focus on your breath, check in with your body and feel that pool of power and patience and grace sitting at just below your lungs. It’s waiting for you.
  2. Ask yourself if you would want this for your best friend, or your daughter? What ever the situation is ask yourself if you would advocate for that for the other women in your life that you love. If the answer is no for them then it’s a no for you babe.
  3. Think like a cis-gendered man with (what he thinks) is a big penis. Hang on it’s not as crazy as you think. I mean really try to put yourself in a position of power that no one has really ever challenged in a meaningful way and then decide how you would respond to a situation. Fellas - don’t get offended we do really love you, we’re just tired of not being given the same power you have.
  4. Find a goddess, from any culture, from any religion, one that you really identify with and ask yourself what she would do. She is you, that power, the confidence she carries is something that you are entirely capable of and all you have to do is remember that it’s in there and trust it.
  5. Join a group of other women that are working on improving their power, their voices and help each other rise together.

When all else fails - call your therapist. 😉

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