Meet Kieri Olmstead

"Once in a while blow your own damn mind."

Kieri Olmstead is a licensed marriage & family therapist (LMFT) that graduated from Friends University with her master's in family science. She is an entrepreneur, savvy business woman, wife, mother, stepmother & dog mom. She has a passion for her clients that surpasses beyond a surface level comradery. If you are looking for a therapist that is going to call life on the carpet for you gently & directly, sprinkles cuss words in a session like glitter and will guide you to the change you're seeking then you've found her.

A note from Kieri:

Finding that I can encourage others to pursue their goals is my passion. I will sit with men and women who have doubted their own strength for far too long and work with them to find the voice that has quietly whispered – "you can do this" and make it roar. Whether you're coming in by yourself, or you're coming in as a couple we will walk together toward a brighter and empowered version of yourselves. 

Session Times:

Kieri meets with clients for 50 minute sessions on a weekly basis.

Session Fees:

All sessions are private pay only. A super-bill for insurance reimbursement can provided upon request. Sliding scales are available to meet budget needs. HSA, FSA, Visa, Mastercard, & Cash are accepted.

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